DB635-1-3-FA, high collimate, circular dot laser module

DB635-1-3-FA, high collimate, circular dot laser module
Brand: Huanic
Product Code: DB635-1-3-FA
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Main Specifications:

  • Available wavelength: 635nm
  • Size: dia.14mm x len.45mm
  • Output power: 1mW
  • Output aperture: dia.5mm
  • Operating voltage: DC 3V
  • Operating current: less than 50mA
  • Standard operating distance: 50 meters (focus fixed)
  • Beam character: roundish
  • Elliptic proportion: 1:1.04
  • Beam size: about  16.1 x 16.8mm@ 50m; 32.2 x 33.6mm@ 100m
  • Divergence: 0.28mrad
  • Optics: glass lens both sides AR coated
  • Operating temperature: -10-+40 Celsius degree
  • Storage temperature: -40-+80 Celsius degree
  • Life time: more than 8000 hours
  • Laser safety classification: class 2
  • Material: copper or aluminium housing

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