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About US

Huanic Corporation was founded in 2002. The corporate headquarters is located at No.67, Jinye Road Hi-Tech zone of Xian China. Huanic’s corporate headquarters covers an area of 5 acres. The main building has more than 20 thousands square meters of working space , and has more than 1500 employees including 150 engineers in R&D .The two company divisions are Huanic Electro-Hydraulic Servomotor Corporation, located in Xian China and Surpass Technologies Inc., located in Northern California, United States.

The main products of Huanic include laser diode modules,laser measuring and positioning devices,  hydraulic control systems as well as frequency conversion equipment. We also offer core components for laser instruments and tools, laser diode modules, industrial ASIC laser module, laser diode drivers, laser power supplies and laser optical lens components. In addition we offer OEM and ODM design and manufacturing capabilities up to and including boxed and shipped systems in our packaging.

Huanic's slogan is "Market integrity, quality production and technology for the future". Huanic established our core products with a multivariate development business strategy. Huanic's main product lines are lasers, electro-optical circuit design, laser instrument components for research and development as well as manufacturing and industry. Our systems and products integrate with light, machines and electronics via the three aspects of science, technology and development strength.

Huanic has achieved diversification and growth through the development of domestic and worldwide markets across our product lines. After more than 10 years of growth and development, Huanic has formed a world class scale and capability for mechanical finishing and electrical production. Our strong production capacity and quality assurance capabilities assure that our semiconductor laser product development and production meet the highest possible standards for our customers. At present, Huanic has more than 800 mechanical processing and testing equipment systems. These include 10 processing centers, 100 CNC machining systems, 1 automatic placement machine and 2 lines of electronic hot air reflow soldering furnaces.

Laser Diode Modules are Huanic ‘s core product. Huanic is one of the best and highest volume laser diode module manufacturers in the world with total sales of over 5 million pieces.

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