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  • Basic Working Principle of Laser

    Laser is a kind of light which does not exist in nature. It has the characteristics of good orientation, high brightness, good monochromaticity and good coherence....

  • Laser Safety Level
    Laser Safety Level 2019-07-05

    According to the classification of laser hazards to human body, the MPE (maximum possible effect) of eyes observed in the light beam can be divided into one to four levels. Laser manufacturers should a...

  • What are the types of lasers?

    According to the particle structure of active medium, it can be divided into atom, ion, molecule and free electron laser. The laser produced by He-Ne laser is emitted by Ne atom, and the laser produced...

  • How to select your needed laser module ?

    How to select the right Huanic laser module you needed from the seem-complicated models? You can make the selection by categories of wavelength,beam type,divergence.output power, input voltage or by mo...

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