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Display of Surface Treatment Production Line

Huanic invested in a surface treatment business subsidiary of professional surface treatment (micro-arc oxidation, anodizing, surface coating, magnetron sputtering coating), sales and service in one. The company is located in Fengjing Industrial Park, Huyi District, Xi'an City. Huanic Fengjing Branch has built a new surface treatment production line of nearly 3,000 square meters in 2018. It has a sulfuric acid anodizing production line, a domestically advanced micro-arc oxidation production line, a spraying production line, and magnetron sputtering coating. production line. The annual output value is more than 50 million yuan, and it is growing at an average rate of 30% every year. At present, the company has obtained many international and domestic quality certificates. The production line design follows the green environmental protection concept. After years of accumulation by the surface treatment industry division of Huanic headquarters, the company has 9 senior technicians and management personnel, and 42 employees with more than 7 years of experience. The annual production capacity of the anodized line is 40,000 square meters, and the annual production capacity of the micro-arc oxidation line is 26,000 square meters. The company's supporting products are exported to the United States and Europe, and are widely praised by customers.

Micro-Arc Oxidation production line

Anodic Oxidation Production Line

Surface Spraying Production Line

Magnetron Sputtering Coating Production Workshop
For more information, please visit the website of Huanic Fengjing Surface Treatment Co., Ltd: fengjing.huanic.com

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