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Surveying Instrument
Laser line projector
With the improvement of the overall standards and requirements of the construction industry, the laser source is rapidly used in building marking instruments with its high collimation. Its horizontal, vertical linear and point laser beams bring great convenience to our construction and greatly improve the construction accuracy. Below we briefly explain the practical application of semiconductor lasers in the field of laser marking instruments. 

One、 Civil Engineering
1. Horizontal line (H) of main floor. When the main structure is completed, it is necessary to release horizontal lines between each floor to provide benchmarks for other operations.
2. Vertical straight line (V) of main floor. When the main structure is completed, some walls need to be vertically positioned to provide benchmarks for other operations in the future. For example, the position of water and electricity fire protection on the wall; control line for mud workers when building walls
3. Horizontal line of basement (H). In construction projects, basements also need to be leveled. In the dark underground environment, it is the best to use this instrument to strike horizontal lines.
4. Examination of Yin and Yang Angle (V). After the partition is completed, it is usually necessary to inspect the built 90 degree clip wall to see whether it is vertical or not, commonly known as "Yin and Yang Angle". This instrument can be used to inspect, so as to avoid the trouble of hanging wire cone.
5. Verticality check of wall column (V). After the completion of the main body, in the plastering stage, sometimes it is necessary to plaster the wall columns in the floor, which can be used as a reference by the vertical straight line made by this instrument.
6. Check the room squareness (V1 + V2).
Two、Installation of doors and Windows
1、Vertical positioning (V) and horizontal positioning (H) of doors and window frames
2、Vertical integral positioning of doors and window frames (H+V)
Three、Floor and ceiling project
1、The 90° right Angle on the floor is used for laying floor tiles (V1+V2). No matter it is residential or office building, it is unavoidable to paste floor tiles, which can provide an accurate and intuitive 90° Angle for the construction personnel on the floor by using the 90° Angle formed by the two vertical lines provided by our instrument.
2、Positioning of the floor level, horizontal positioning of the floor joist (H). Many of the modern decoration projects raise the floor, which allows the use of this instrument to provide a horizontal line, which makes the floor more level and more efficient.                  
3、It is advantageous to the picking point of the ceiling (V1 + V2). In addition to the 90° right angle on the floor, this right angle can also be projected onto the ceiling to form a cross hair, which is convenient for the construction personnel to mining point and location on the ceiling.
4、It is beneficial to determine the orientation of the lamp decoration (V) on the ceiling. In the renovation of the office building, the ceiling requires a lot of parallel lines for the installation of lamp decoration and plywood. This kind of instrument can do this easily.
Four、Curtain Wall Engineering  
1、 Projecting the Horizontal Line (H) from the inside to the outside. In the installation of curtain wall glass, it is necessary to install multi-faceted glass in the same floor at the same horizontal height. This instrument can be used to draw a horizontal line as a benchmark to make the work more accurate and fast.
2、 Project a vertical line (V) from the inside to the outside. In the installation of curtain wall glass, it is necessary to install the same position between different floors, which can make use of the vertical line of the instrument, so that the glass of different floors is in the same vertical position.
3、 Projects horizontal and vertical lines (H + V) from inside to outside. In the installation of curtain wall glass, sometimes (for example, the area of glass is very small) the horizontal and vertical positioning is required at the same time. This instrument also provides this function.
Five、 Fire Engineering
1、 A cross hair is placed on the ceiling to provide the direction and branch of the fire hose on the ceiling (V1+V2+V3). In some large shopping malls, the laying of fire pipes is very troublesome. This can be used to project a cross hair on the ceiling as a reference, so that the fire pipes can be better laid in the ceiling. , to meet the quality requirements of the designer.
2、Cross hair on the wall (V+H). When installing hydrants in a building, cross hair from the instrument can be used to place horizontal and vertical positions on walls to make them more accurate.
Six、HVAC (Central Air Conditioning) Project
A cross hair is placed on the ceiling to provide a heating pipe in the direction and branch of the ceiling (V1+V2+V3). In some large shopping malls, the installation of central air-conditioning pipes is very strict and troublesome . This requires the instrument to provide a cross hair on the ceiling to make the trunk channel more accurate, and the connection between the branch and the trunk channel is more accurate.
Seven、 Intelligent Engineering (Integrated Wiring) Engineering
The trend of the wire groove (V). In the project of integrated wiring, what face normally is those messy, flimsy network line and fiber, and those who protect these fiber not to be worn is line groove, this has very high requirement to line groove in smallpox trend. This instrument can easily help you position on the ceiling.
Eight、Elevator Engineering
1. Provide a vertical reference line (V). In the aspect of elevator installation, it is important to ensure that the elevator can be lifted at high speed and the vertical of the main body axis. With this instrument, it helps the installer to position vertically to ensure the verticality of the elevator.
2. Provide horizontal reference line (H). The elevator installation can be used for another part of the installation of our instrument, which can be used to level the floor inside the elevator.
Nine、Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering  
1. Installation and positioning of the cabinet (H+V). In the engineering of mechanical and electrical installation, horizontal and vertical positioning of the cabinet is required, which can be assisted by this instrument to help the construction personnel to install the cabinet to the designated position more accurately and ensure the quality of construction.
2. Vertical positioning (V) of the cabinet group. In some large machine rooms, many cabinets need to be installed and positioned, which can help the construction personnel to quickly install multiple cabinets in the same horizontal plane and vertical plane.

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