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Intelligent Air Purifier
The birth of intelligent air purifier has greatly improved people's attention to health and air environment. There is an important parameter of air quality called "pm2.5", but do you know how to detect pm2.5? This requires the use of semiconductor lasers, each air purifier will have PM2.5 detection equipment, the most important device inside this important parameter detection device is the semiconductor laser. Because the light source of semiconductor lasers has a strong anti-interference ability, it can provide extremely accurate values for air quality detection.
At present, the high-end intelligent air purifier on the market also has the function of autonomous movement. Semiconductor lasers also provide extremely effective assistance for obstacle detection and three-dimensional space scanning.

Intelligent mobile air purification robot can move independently to find air pollution sources and purify air. Combining the characteristics of traditional air purifier and robot, it breaks through the limitation that traditional air purifier can only purify at fixed points, brings clean air to every room, and realizes gradient-free purification of the whole room.
Air purification robots generally have LDS laser scanning system, an environmental recognition system capable of real-time monitoring of air changes, a walking recognition system capable of sensitive obstacle avoidance, and a 3M professional purification filter material, matching the air inlet surface, capable of purifying air  layer by layer, filtering, Sterilization is in one step. 
First, the intelligent mobile air purification robot can move cruise purification. Intelligent mobile air purification robot combines traditional air purifier with intelligent robot to cruise automatically and purify the whole house. The innovative LDS laser scanning system can scan the home environment 360 degrees in parallel, update the electronic map in real time, and guide the machine. As long as the user sets the purification point in each room, the intelligent mobile air purification robot will move to different purification points independently, automatically sense the air quality of the surrounding environment, and carry out the purification work. When the air quality of one purification point reaches high quality, it will enter another purification point according to the set order to optimize. It brings clean air to every space and realizes gradient-free purification of the whole room quickly.
Secondly, the intelligent mobile air purification robot can be real-time interconnected with mobile APP. App can view indoor air quality and purification effect at any time, record data synchronously, and realize remote control. At the same time, we can make a seven-day appointment, choose the purification mode, view the historical records and share them with the circle of friends.

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