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Intelligent Window Cleaning Robot
Nowadays, the pace of social life is accelerating. The birth of window-cleaning robot has solved the problems of high-level window-cleaning and outdoor window-cleaning for many families. Window cleaning robot, also known as automatic window cleaning machine, glass cleaning robot, intelligent window cleaning device, intelligent window cleaner, etc., is a kind of intelligent household appliances. It can firmly adsorb on glass by means of vacuum pump or fan device at its bottom, and then automatically detect the corner distance of windows and plan the path of window cleaning with the help of certain artificial intelligence. Window cleaning robots usually use their own force adsorbed on the glass to drive the cloth at the bottom of the body to wipe off the dirt on the glass.
But do you know how the window cleaning robot recognizes the position of the window border? In fact, four infrared lasers are installed in the four corners of the window cleaning robot to detect the position of the window frame. What can be achieved by detecting the position of the window frame? Firstly, it can prevent the window cleaning robot from colliding with the frame so that it falls. Secondly, it can make the window cleaning robot better erase the dirt at the edge of the glass window.

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